Mr. Peruski

Neil Peruski         
Neil Peruski
Sixth Grade

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248.969.1800 Ext. 1674            
Oakland University

Elementary Education
Oakland University

International Baccalaureate Certification
Level 1 Curriculum
August 1995

I have been a teacher in Oxford since 1995.  I taught 4th grade for seven years at Daniel Axford Elementary and Lakeville Elementary.  I took advantage of an opportunity to move to OMS in 2002.  It was the best career choice I have ever made.  I believe in making my classroom a welcoming place in which students want to perform well and find a sense of satisfaction as a result of their efforts.  

My wife is also a teacher in Oxford, and my two children attend Oxford Schools.  When I am not in my classroom I can be found running and riding my bike on the Polly Ann Trail and dirt roads for miles around.