Mrs. Monkevich

Kimberly Monkevich

Kimberly Monkevich (Tyler)
Seventh Grade


248.969.1800 Ext. 1616

B.S. in Education
Eastern Michigan University
M.A. in Educational Technology
Walden University

August 2002

Welcome to my classroom!  I am highly qualified to teach in the areas of Computers, Mathematics and English.  I have been teaching at Oxford Middle School since 2002, but began teaching in 2000.  I try to implement humor and sports into my teaching.  With enthusiasm and building self-esteem, teaching can be a rewarding experience for everyone.  

I reside in Oxford with my husband and our 3 boys and 2 labs.  In my spare time, I love working out, especially boxing!  I’m a real person and it is important for students to recognize that teachers are people too.  If I can find something they can relate to, they will learn more!