Ms. Bryer

Photo of BryerRACHEL BRYER
Seventh Grade Teacher       

248.969.1800 Ext. 1627


B.A. in Language Arts and Math
M.A. in Special Education

Ball State University
Oakland University

International Baccalaureate Certification
Language & Literature: Category 2

August 2013


I am a former Oakland University graduate and athlete. I started teaching in the field of education in 2010 as a middle school teacher. Since then I have taught mathematics, science, language arts, and content reading. Although I have taught many subjects, my favorite thing to teach is basketball. I have been coaching since 2009, and have coached at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level. In 2014 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Special Education.   

I enjoy sports and traveling. When I have free time, I head to Florida to visit family and hang out with my niece and nephew.