Drumfire Drummers

7th Grade Drumfire Drummers
Thursday, 2:30-3:30

World Music Drumming is a
tremendously motivational curriculum,
designed for middle school students. It
encourages students to learn about
music in a holistic manner.
Knowing and practicing the arts
disciplines are fundamental to the
healthy development of children’s minds
and spirits. That is why the arts are
inseparable from the very meaning of
the term education. We know from long
experience that no one can claim to be
truly educated who lacks basic
knowledge and skills in the arts.
World Music Drumming, along with
other components of the arts, teach selfdiscipline,
reinforce self-esteem, and
foster the thinking skills and creativity so
valued in the workplace.
The arts teach the importance of
teamwork and cooperation.
The arts demonstrate the
direct connection between
study, hard work, and high
levels of achievement.
Jan Flynn
Cell:  586-929-1995
School:  248-969-1824