OMS Notes for First Day of School 2018-19

Dear Oxford Middle School Families,

We welcome everyone back on Monday, August 27, the first day of school!  1st hour begins at 7:29am and dismissal is 2:33pm. 

Bus routes have been added to students' Power School:  Custom Screen > Transportation Screen.  


Attached are important documents for your review.  They also can be found on our OMS website.  Oxford Community Schools - Student Code of Conduct  -  OMS Student Handbook 


The Main Office:  

We have had a few changes in the main office over the summer.  Ms. Amy Watson left Oxford Schools; we have hired Mrs. Becky Barkman for the front desk position.  Mr. Jeremy LaValley, counselor, is taking a Leave of Absence first semester and in his office will be Mr. Ryan Powell.  Please note the following people who are here to help your children:


Principal:                                 Mrs. Dacia Beazley

Assistant Principal, A-K:      Mrs. Kristie Saterstad

Assistant Prinicpal, L-Z:      Dr. Carl Sproul

Dean of Students:                  Mr. Devon Banks

Counselor, A-F:                      Ms. Heather Thick

Counselor, G-N:                     Mr. Ryan Powell (Jeremy LaValley – 2nd semester)

Counselor, O-Z:                     Mrs. Chris Gill

Secretary to the Principal:  Mrs. Brenda Brown

Front Desk Secretary:          Mrs. Rebecca Barkman 

Counseling Secretary:          Mrs. Kathy Papsdorf

OMS Office Line:              248-969-1800

Attendance Line:             248-969-1891

E-mail Addresses: 


Schedule Update: 

The most current student schedules can be found on PowerSchool.  All requests have been considered and either approved or denied.  Students who do not have schedules yet will go to Counseling on Day 1.  Please know that some schedules will be changing in the next week as we work to balance classrooms - we can't have too many or too few students in rooms.  It is our intention to keep the same teachers, but class times may change.  


The links below will detail the schedule for each day, along with the hourly times.  These documents are also available on the OMS Website:


Please note that the first week of school are all A Days (all classes).  We will be teaching students how the new bell schedule works so that they will be able to teach you! 


Curriculum Night 2018:

We hope to see you on Wednesday, August 29, beginning at 6:30pm in your child's first hour class.  Please get the schedule from PowerSchool or from your son/daughter and walk in their shoes from class to class.  We will offer help in our Computer Lab in the Media Center from 5:00pm-6:15pm for those who would like to learn more about Haiku and PowerSchool.  Please bring your log-in and password with you.   Curriculum Night Flyer 


Student Drop-off and Pick-up: 

Families will use the right lane coming into the school on Wildcat Drive, the gym entrance, for drop off and pick up.  The left lane that travels to the flagpole is designated for staff and 33 buses that are transporting our students. We will be working hard to direct you the first week of school, and we thank you for following the directions of our staff.  Our main goal is to get all students in and out of cars and buses efficiently and safely.  Please note the speed limit is 15 MPH on Wildcat Drive.



The menu is on the Food Services website:

Breakfast prices: Full Pay $1.75, Reduced $.30.  

Lunch prices:   Full Pay $3.00, Reduced $.40. 

Check out the new app NUTRISLICE for Oxford Schools!  This app provides menus, nutrutional nformation, descriptions and pictures, and more:


Students may purchase breakfast and eat during Advisory (8:20am-8:45am).   Students may bring their own or purchase a school lunch.  Please know that charging lunches is not an option.  Each register accepts cash, and money can be put on a student's account at    The application for Free/Reduced meals is:  - you can apply online!


Dress Code Expectations:  

From our OMS Student Handbook:  

Rationale:  We encourage our students to dress in a manner that contributes to a positive learning atmosphere in the school.  While we understand students will dress according to their own taste, their appearance must not interfere with the learning process, endanger health or safety, cause disruption, or violate the civil code or commonly accepted community standards of decency.  Oxford Secondary Schools have created the following expectations:


A.     Shorts or skirts must meet finger-tip length when arms are hung straight to the side.

B.     Pants/shorts with rips/holes/mesh must fall below the finger-tip length when arms are hung straight to the side.

C.     Low slung pants may not reveal undergarments, shorts, or boxers.

D.     Shirts that are low cut, midriff-baring, open-back, or see-through may not be worn. Camisoles or undergarments must not be visible.  

E.     Outdoor clothing such as hats, hoods, coats, sunglasses, backpacks may not be worn in the building (small purses or string-bags are acceptable).                  

 (At OMS, Late-Start Wednesdays are designated as Student Council Hat Days - students and staff may wear hats for a donation of $1)

F.     Clothing or accessories with messages suggesting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex or any other “image” deemed suggestive, offensive or disruptive by   Administration may not be worn.

G.     Pajamas and/or slippers may onlybe worn on designated Spirit Days.


Cell Phones at School – Not Necessary:  

We are excited to have students use technology for their learning at OMS and provide many opportunities for the use of Chromebooks and Computer Labs.  Personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, iPads, iPods, and laptops should be out of sight and not heard during the school day.  Students will not be texting, calling, browsing social media, or taking pictures during class or hallway passing times. 


During lunch time, in the cafeteria, 8th grade students may use their phones if they have earned that by keeping their hallways clean and having appropriate lunch and hallway behavior.  For our 6th and 7th graders, they too will earn the privilege for technology at lunch, but that time will be much more limited. 


Thank you for helping us by not expecting your student to contact you during the school day by text, email or calls.  Improper use of an electronic device will result in confiscation for pick up at the end of the day, by student or parent, as a beginning consequence.


End of Day:   

At 2:33pm, students are ready to depart OMS, unless in a practice or club.  The building should be free of students not in activities by 2:50pm.  Students who are still on campus at 2:50pm will be escorted to the Media Center for Homework Club. Thank you for helping us to maintain a safe and secure building each and every day for all of our students.  


Homework Club - Monday thru Thursday:

This year, we are pleased to offer Homework Club to all students from 2:35pm-3:30pm, in the Media Center.  Teachers will be supporting our students four days a week with homework, re-teaching, or enrichment activities.   Students with “nothing to do” after school will be enrolled in the Homework Club and will be expected work on skill-based activities in the areas of math, reading and ELA. 



We understand there are some anxious families and students as the new school year begins.  Please know our OMS staff prides itself on taking care of our students.  We will make sure they learn to open lockers & find classrooms, meet new friends & have someone to sit with at lunch.  We are used to providing extra help the first few weeks of school.  Rest assured your child will be well cared for at Oxford Middle School!


It's going to be a great year...for those new to our
OMS Wildcat family, WELCOME!