MYP Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Reflection


While the IB provides a framework for learning, the content within each subject area is driven by state and national standards that each subject area must adhere. Therefore, Oxford teachers integrate the MYP philosophy with the state and local curriculums to create the units of study.

All MYP assessments measure the expectations for student learning. 

Sixth Grade IB Performance Standards
Seventh Grade IB Performance Standards
Eighth Grade IB Performance Standards


The IB believes that assessment is integral to all teaching and learning and should support the principles of the MYP through the encouragement of best practice.

The single most important aim of MYP assessment is to support and encourage student learning. The MYP places an emphasis on assessment processes that involve the gathering and analysis of information about student performance and that provide timely feedback to students on their performance (formative). MYP assessment aims to identify what students know, understand, can do and feel at different stages in the learning process and to provide a basis for practice. Students and teachers will be actively engaged in assessing student progress as part of the development of their wider critical-thinking and self-assessment (reflection) skills.

Summative Assessments are end-of-unit of evaluations on the content and skills obtained by the student throughout the unit. Summative assessments come in a variety of forms including: open-ended responses, tests, projects, and papers, usually asking students to construct a task. Rather than focusing discrete skills, the summative assessment will show what the student has learned overall and how he can apply that learning.

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